Middlebury Sanitarium (Moving In Book 3) Release!

Middlebury Sanitarium

Middlebury Sanitarium Cover

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I think of some frightening things. Well, obsess over them is probably a better way of putting it. And my new work, Middlebury Sanitarium, is something I’ve been obsessing over.

You see, when I was a boy I saw a Sanitarium much like Middlebury. A great, sprawling facility run by the State of Connecticut, and, well, it made an impression on me. It was the late seventies and when you drove by the Sanitarium, and the wind was just right, you could hear the residents screaming when you had the windows down.

I’ve often wondered what would happen to a Sanitarium once it was closed. Would there be ghosts? Would they be sane, or worse, would they be insane and enraged? What would happen if you went into the Sanitarium, after it was closed? What would you find there? What would find you? Here’s hoping you find Middlebury Sanitarium as frightening as I did!

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