Marcus Mortlake’s Greatest Fear Has Returned…

Last time, we explored the career of Marcus Mortlake as a prober of paranormal activity.

This time, we will venture a little further back in time to uncover the horrific childhood trauma that helped shape our tweed-clad hero.

What is the mysterious Erl-king? There’s a lot of folklore around the various forms of the character, but I’ve taken the usual author’s license to make a more modern monster out of the legend.

In this book, I draw upon a few other bits of British history. One is the way ancient stone monuments whose purpose is still a mystery can be found all over the countryside. Hence, the mysterious “Devil’s Darts” in the village of Staley.

I also include a little made-up rhyme from a children’s singing game, which every culture has. Oh, and there are ghosts, both of them taking a keen interest in Mortlake’s future.

As does that despicable chap Crowe, of course…

So find a comfy spot, dear reader, as we go back in time. We will find answers to questions that have plagued Prof. Marcus Mortlake all his life all the while listening to the children singing…

“Soul and heart, heart and soul
He takes them from you, ends your time…”

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