Look into the Ghost Mirror if you Dare…

I always enjoyed a good horror flick growing up, but everything changed when I was thirteen and I saw the American version of The Ring in a dark and crowded movie theater. I remember screaming my head off as Samara finally emerged from the television, coming after Noah with relentless cruelty. I also remember begging my brother to let me sleep on his bedroom floor for several nights afterward, because I was too scared to sleep near the television in my own room. I had never been so terrified and so fascinated by anything quite like that before. My casual hobby of seeing and reading horror movies and stories became a passion, one that only grew with each passing year.

Now, I am twenty-seven, and I write horror for a living. Not a day goes by when I am not contemplating a potential ghost story, or analyzing the latest gore fest on my horror blog. In short, Dylan’s story was not created by spur of the moment inspiration. He and his dead twin were created after fourteen years of research, dedication, and not to mention a few ghostly encounters of my own. I hope you enjoy reading Ghost Mirror half as much as I did writing it.

Dedicated to my brother, Derek, for your continuous enthusiasm and support. This book could not have been crafted without you.

Ghost Mirror is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Ghost Mirror by Chelsey DagnerSee you in the shadows,

Chelsey Dagner and Team Scare Street

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