Kodak inventory value up 89% after saying ICO • TechCrunch

The 130-year-old Eastman Kodak firm announced an ICO yesterday as a result of it’s 2018 and nothing issues. For the reason that announcement, the inventory value is buying and selling up 89 p.c, presently at $11.90. The inventory value has not been this excessive since March 2017.

Kodak isn’t the primary firm to see explosive inventory positive aspects after saying a cryptocurrency product. Others like Veltyco, LongFin and even Long Island Iced Tea Corp all noticed triple-digit positive aspects because of a cryptocurrency transfer.

Kodak’s ICO is designed to develop a blockchain system to safe digital pictures rights and guarantee photographers obtain royalties. The corporate even revealed at CES 2018 a mining rig.

At this level somebody may make a fast buck by shopping for the rights to Blockbuster or Borders Books and announce a cryptocurrency plan.

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