Horror Novel: Uninvited Guests Trilogy Release!

Uninvited Guests Trilogy!

Uninvited Guests Trilogy

Alan Walter’s marriage has fallen apart. It all started when the Walters moved into their new dream home. For months, they heard creaking noises in the attic, tapping on the walls and the opening of cabinet doors. His wife swore that there’s an intruder living in the house. But Alan didn’t believe her. And he didn’t discover the truth until it was too late.

Now, three years later, it’s happening again to a single mom and her two young children. And Alan won’t let history repeat itself. Not if he can help it.

As Alan investigates the case, he uncovers a conspiracy twenty years in the making. He comes face to face with an unspeakable horror that will change his life forever. Soon enough Alan Walters will realize that if these walls could talk, they would be screaming.

Uninvited Guests Trilogy Contains:

  1. Uninvited Guests
  2. Descent Into Madness
  3. Becoming The Beast

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