Horror Novel: Sherman’s Library Trilogy Release!

Sherman’s Library Trilogy!

Sherman's Library Trilogy Cover

The haunting is often the imagination of the haunted…or is it?

For Charles Gottesman, old Mr. Sherman’s death sparks one of the wildest, weirdest adventures he’s ever had…

Upon Mr. Sherman’s death, Charles learns the rich old gentleman gave away all his money, leaving only his Victorian mansion and the huge library in the house. His will clearly stipulates the new owner must keep the library intact. Of course, with Mr. Sherman being dead, how would he know or even care about the library?

It isn’t until Charles buys the house and discovers someone has stolen items from the library that he understands the significance of keeping the library intact. Mr. Sherman’s letter to the new owner shares the secret of the library—every item in the library is haunted! But how can Charles ever imagine just how deadly the library keeper’s job is…or the blood bath that will follow if he fails to “protect and serve” according to Mr. Sherman’s will?

Sherman’s Library Trilogy contains:

  1. Sherman’s Library
  2. An Endless Search
  3. Gathering The Dead

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