Hellstorm: The Final Battle between Good and Evil…

The grand finale to the Weyrmouth series finally reveals the Big Plan behind the construction of the haunted tower. Hellstorm is about the ultimate conflict, the clash between fundamental forces, involving beings vastly more powerful than we puny humans.

As you might expect, it is not good news for Erin Cale or the world in general. I’m writing this just before Christmas, traditionally a time of hope, a celebration of light in the darkness. But in Weyrmouth Cathedral and its surroundings, hope seems to be in short supply as Ithuriel finally sees his ambitions fulfilled.

Or does he?

And what role will the ghosts of seven long-dead children play in the fate of Erin and her allies? Let’s just say the conclusion could be interpreted as hellish, heavenly, or something in between. Before the big showdown we meet some new characters as well as the team from the first two books, plus some rather dangerous entities with four legs and (possibly) wet noses.

I hope readers will find this a satisfying conclusion to the series. It’s been a wild ride for all us – now it’s time to come down to earth with the crash of doom-laden thunder!

Hellstorm is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Hellstorm by David LonghornSee you in the shadows,

David Longhorn and Team Scare Street

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