Haunted Waterways (Dark Legacy Book 2) Release!

Sara Clancy’s heart pumping sequel to Black Bayou is now available: Haunted Waterways!

Marigold is hunted, tormented by a demon that hungers for her to kill. She doesn’t know how much longer she can resist. In a desperate attempt to keep her sanity, Marigold flees to the rusted remains of a paddle steamer, deep in the heart of the Louisiana bayous. Here, the only people she encounters are long since dead. The ghosts that haunt the boat are possessive and territorial. They keep the demon from entering. But there are many lost souls that roam the backwaters. They are drawn to the boat, to the life on board. Marigold’s hiding place may soon become her grave.

Isolated and trapped, Marigold fights to resist the sinister forces mounting around her. But when night falls and the fog rolls in, the ghosts become hungry and restless. A sacrifice must be made. Her sanity or her life; they won’t allow her to keep both.

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It’s the 2nd installment of the Dark Legacy Series so make sure you’ve read Book 1:  Black Bayou!  Enjoy!

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