Has Shane Ryan Finally Met His Match?

Are you warm right now?

Are you in a place of comfort reading this?

I hope you are.

We’re coming to the end, you know, and it’s stopping in a place you and I are both familiar with.

At 125 Berkley Street.

You and I, we’ve opened our arms to Shane. Welcomed him back with a smile and a handshake, asked after Carl and Eloise, inquired as to how Jacinta is getting along.

He’s returned the smile, shaken out a cigarette, and lit it as we sat down on the front steps to hear from his side of the world.

But neither you nor I know what’s going to happen next. And if Shane knows—well, he’s Shane, so he’s not going to tell us anything.

He’s brought some old friends with him this time. Victor and Tom Daniels, to be sure, but there’s someone else too. Someone I was just as surprised to see.

I’m glad he’s here, though, because as strong as Shane is, he’s going to need help. All the help he can get.

Now, now, don’t look at me like that.

You and I both know Shane does whatever the hell he feels like doing. We’ve had long conversations with Carl about this.

What I want you to remember, and what I have to remember is that this is Shane’s story. No matter how difficult it gets, this is his show.

All we can do is sit down and hang on.

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