Hank’s Radio Lures Women Into Its Murderous Embrace

Let me put this right out there: I don’t like Stefan Korzh.

In fact, I’d have to say I despise the man. I think that out of all of the villains to come crawling out of my nightmares, he’s the worst of the lot. He’s not committing his crimes for financial gain. He’s not wreaking havoc on the innocent out of mental illness.

No, Stefan Korzh is punishing his dead parents.

You’ve seen the suffering he’s caused. You see it with every word spoken by Victor Daniels, every thought he has, and every act. Tom’s the same way, a boy tormented by what he’s seen and what he’s done.

And all because of Stefan Korzh.

I’d like to say Stefan’s up to his old tricks in this book, but he’s not. There’s nothing fun or funny about what he does. There’s no humor to it. He doesn’t give us a wink and a nod to say that it’s okay.

No, Stefan’s worse.

He’s just getting settled in now. The man’s like the proverbial tick.

Once he’s dug in, there’s no getting him out.

Victor will try. And so too will Tom.

Come on back into Victor and Tom’s world. Come and see what it is they have to do, and what they have to suffer, to try and put their hands around Stefan Korzh’s throat.

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