For Shane Ryan, Ghost Hunting Isn’t Just a Job. It’s War…

Shane Ryan.

It’s been a while since I’ve focused on Shane, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about him.

I was excited when I sat down to write the first book of Shane’s new series, Death Hunter, and I’m just as excited to write book two.

I’m excited, not only because we have Shane back in the picture, but we have him doing what he does best: kicking ass.

There’s no subtle way to put it. Not with Shane Ryan.

When I sat down and started Book Two, Moran and Moran, I thought about our inter-connectedness as a society and as a world. We rely on each other, even now in the grips of Covid-19. We’re able to communicate via electronic devices, and while we may not be able to reach out physically to loved ones in this difficult time, the relationships are still there.

The relationship Shane has with James Moran, the senior family member of Moran and Moran, is something that I’ve wanted to explore. What would motivate Shane to go to the building?

Murder, of course.

Murder and theft.

And that’s what we have here. Someone’s stolen haunted artifacts and there’s death involved. There’s a trail of ghostly mayhem and murder, and despite Shane’s prowess, there’s going to be hell to pay on both sides of the fight.

So, sit down with your favorite drink. Shane’s going to light a Lucky, drink some whiskey, and kick some ass.

Moran and Moran is now available on Amazon.

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