Evil Lurks Beneath Soray Island’s Dark Waters…

I love sea stories and tales of mysterious creatures lurking in the deep. I read that the bottom of the sea is less well-known than the surface of the Moon – most of the Earth’s surface is, quite literally, another world.

There are many strange tales of beings, sentient or otherwise, emerging from the ocean depths to involve themselves in the affairs of human beings. Dark Waters is my take on that ancient, yet perennially fresh, idea.

The book is also the first in a new series, The Mephisto Club. And this time, the books are connected by a series of quests. Instead of stumbling into the supernatural, art historian Dan Fox chooses to seek it out. Why? Because he thinks winning membership of the mysterious, influential club will bring him wealth and happiness.

As the series progress we’ll see whether he’s right…

Dark Waters is Available for purchase from Amazon today!

Dark Waters by David LonghornSee you in the shadows,

David Longhorn






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