Don’t Look For Something You’re Not Prepared For…

I once had a nightly routine.

After a long walk home through dimly lit woodlands, I would check my apartment for intruders.

In my defense, that area was a great place to hide a body and the locks were flimsy. I couldn’t relax until I had looked everywhere.

And yet, I never thought about what I would do if I did find an ax murderer hiding in the linen closet.

I dropped the routine after moving to a more populated area with decent locks, but the experience still made me wonder why I couldn’t leave well enough alone. There were times when I swore that I felt someone watching me, or that something had been moved while I was out. But even when I was utterly convinced someone was there and I’d be better off leaving the house, I always looked.

The people within this volume looked for less and found far worse.

The ghostly residents of Hotel Caligula return for three more stories of the games they play with the ghost hunters foolish enough to seek them out. A young woman isn’t ready for the horrors waiting for her when she investigates her friend’s murder. And a group of teens looking for a way to get revenge on their bullies summon a monster of urban legend.

Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves—we need to look.

And we might not always like what we find.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 17 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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