Discover Your Deepest, Darkest Fears with These Stories

Well, here we go again! Another batch of stories by writers who seldom stop thinking about things that are evil, disturbing, or just plain wrong on some level.

For many authors, writing short stories is a liberating experience because it lets them use all those crazy ideas that they stashed away and somehow never managed to get into a full-length book. Another good thing about short fiction is the sheer diversity of style, character, and ‘feel’. A short story can be a little capsule of weirdness, packing a lot into a relatively small space.

I think this book offers something for everyone, with humor alongside the horror, even a little charm in the charnel house. Well, that’s what I try for, and sometimes I get it right. I know the other writers set out to surprise, shock, and impress, and I think they all succeed.

I hope you, gentle reader, find plenty here that will stick in your mind, a story (or two, or three) that haunts you in the days and weeks ahead. Of course, I would never wish uneasy dreams upon you. But if it happens, it happens…

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