Demon’s Tide (Dark Legacy Series Book 3) Release!

The first time you hear a warning you listen. The second time, you really start to worry…

My first trip to New Orleans was as part of a tour group. The second we arrived, my guide whipped out a small paper map of the area and a highlighter. He made a square and told me to stay inside it if I wasn’t in a group. I’m kind of short, look as threatening as a wet puppy, and (apparently) have a noticeable accent, so figured it was a standard warning. Every city has its quirks.

A few days later, I was back in New Orleans. Alone. Awash with the glow of travelling by myself for the first time and, feeling officially like an adult, I swaggered up to reception. The man took one look at me and, before I could open my mouth, slapped down a now familiar paper map and traced the same square. The message was the same. Stay in the box.

It hit me then. I was a solo tourist. No one started conversations with ‘where are you from?’ No one cared about my family, friends, and past travels. Now, the ice breaker was ‘have you seen this landmark?’ asked by sales people. I found it eerie. Like all those things felt were integral to my identity suddenly felt meaningless.  My existence before I set foot into New Orleans felt like memories of past life (remember, I was young and a writer, both known for their dramatics).

I began to wonder if the ‘stay in the box’ theory worked with the paranormal too. If there were certain lines that we shouldn’t cross but often do without knowing it. What could follow us back? The only thing that could make a situation like that any worse would be complete isolation.

That’s how the idea for the Dark Legacy series came about.

And today I’m excited to announce the release of the bone-chilling conclusion to the Dark Legacy Series: Demon’s Tide!

Demons Tide Cover by Sara ClancyAvailable on Amazon today. It’s the 3rd and final installment of the Dark Legacy Series so make sure you’ve read the following first:

Book 1: Black Bayou

Book 2: Haunted Waterways

Book 3: Demon’s Tide


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