Deathly Spiders Crawls Within the Labyrinth of Shiel Manor…

Not far from where I live is a park with a maze. It’s a small maze, both in terms of areas and height, so kids can get ‘lost’ without ever being out of sight of adults. But the real thing, often found in English country gardens, can be a much bigger and more baffling setup.

Having read dozens of stories set in mazes, I always wanted to write one. But what, I asked myself, should be lurking in the labyrinth?

Spiders, that’s what!

Two of the scariest tales I read when I was little involved our little – or not so little — eight-legged pals. One is ‘The Ash-Tree’ by M.R. James, the other is ‘The Valley of Spiders’ by H.G. Wells. I took images from both and put them together to make a horror that I hope will keep some readers awake at night.

For many nights. Enjoy!

Spider Maze is available for purchase from Amazon today!

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Spider Maze by David LonghornSee you in the Shadows,

David Longhorn

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