Dark Secrets Hidden in the Ridges of a Bloodstained Mirror…

Are you ready?

Have you come prepared to sit down with our friends again? Victor’s here. And so is Jeremy, of course. You might even see Tom again, that sixteen-year-old orphan who struggled so valiantly, and who agreed to go back to the hospital in order to get ready to hunt Stefan.

And Stefan. Let’s not forget him, but then again, how could we? He’s a miserable man. A despicable son, and a killer who enjoys violence.

But he’s afraid. And why shouldn’t he be? His father’s one of the most powerful spirits, and there’s someone helping the dead man.

Someone living.

And our friends are hunting Stefan, getting closer, far closer than they know.

So, I ask you again, are you ready?

This one was a little difficult for me. There’s a darkness spreading in this book. A murderous appetite that isn’t quite sated. Stefan’s not the only killer here, nor are the objects he’s sending out into the wilds of America.

Come on. Grab a cup of coffee, or get some tea. Sit down. We’re going to Pennsylvania, to see our friends, and an enemy.

And we’ll see who makes it out alive.

Blood in the Mirror is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Blood in the Mirror by Ron Ripley

Keeping it Spooky,

Ron Ripley and Team Scare Street


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