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We’re excited to announce the release of David Longhorn’s new supernatural thriller: Dark Isle!  It’s a spooky good read you don’t want to miss.  Check out the blurb below:

dark-isle-coverMark Stine is an American academic enjoying his year as a visiting professor at Cambridge University. But when he starts researching the long-dead English writer, Monty Summerskill, he quickly discovers that truth is stranger than fiction. Turns out Summerskill’s ghost stories were based on horrifying reality. One that caused the author’s shocking death.

Mark’s journey takes him to dark places, where he finds himself haunted by a ghost from his troubled childhood. But that’s nothing compared to the terrors that await as he heads towards the Dark Isle, where the solution to an ancient mystery lies.

Something far more terrifying than any ghost is on his trail. Awakened after decades of hibernation, it is deadly, unstoppable and hungry.

Hungry for blood.

Wow, right?  And it’s currently 99c!  What are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Dark Isle now and feel the chills come down your spine.

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