Copper’s Keeper (Slaughter Series Book 3) Release!

Copper's Keeper CoverWhen I was six, I lived in Mansfield, Connecticut, where my father thought it would be fun to watch The Twilight Zone and Nightmare on Elm Street with me. Needless to say, it gave me nightmares, and forever I would be scared of the hand that reached out from under the bed or the scraping sounds against the windows. I had a wild imagination, and even the closet doors seemed to open on their own and the shadows would laugh.

I thought that would change when we moved away from Mansfield, but it didn’t. Even now, I make sure to tuck my feet under the covers and wish the monsters under the bed a good night so they wouldn’t get pissed off. This trilogy is an ode to them all and this final book, Copper’s Keeper, a verification that I’ve understood what they’ve been whispering about for all these years: Sometimes, the monsters just never go away.

Copper’s Keeper will be out on Friday May 13th and available for pre-order today!

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