Top 10 Bizarre Medical Anomalies

[WARNING: some images and content may disturb and are not work safe.] Gone are the days of sideshows displaying freaks of nature, but the diseases that caused these so-called “freaks” are still with us. Political correctness has made it impolite to display the sufferers of these illnesses, so we are left with the Internet –… Continue reading Top 10 Bizarre Medical Anomalies

Top 10 Bizarre Festivals

Every year thousands of people gather to take part in, or witness bizarre festivals. Many of these festivals are ancient but some are much more modern. While they are all extremely different, they have one thing in common: they are totally weird. If you wish to mention other festivals that you know of, be sure… Continue reading Top 10 Bizarre Festivals

Top 10 Bizarre Modern Paranormal Phenomena

Most of us are familiar with reports of the paranormal around us – whether we ourselves are believers or sceptics. Entities such as ghosts, and mysterious animals like Big Foot and Nessie, have always haunted our collective consciousness. Amongst all the weirdness that purportedly exists in our midst, there are occurrences, which though they may… Continue reading Top 10 Bizarre Modern Paranormal Phenomena

Another 10 Bizarre Traditions

Following the success of some of our previous lists about the bizarre practices of humans through the ages (and up to modern times in some cases), we have prepared another list. This list includes only new items – excluding anything that has appeared on previous lists such as Tibetan Sky Burial or Thaipusam. In fact,… Continue reading Another 10 Bizarre Traditions