Buried Secrets Crawl Their Way Out from the Grave…

It is a universally acknowledged fact that if you allow a horror writer to put a castle in their series, things are going to get weird – fast. Really, who doesn’t love a bit of gothic influence every now and then? Dark castles, mysterious voices in the night, endless forests filled with the unknown. Places where madness and mayhem can be indulged and never have to face the light of day. And madness there will be.

In the second book of the Demonic Games series, I got to dig a little deeper into the horrors that Castle Vaduva has seen. Some were the pure creation of my unbridled – and admittedly a little dark – imagination. Others were based on real events that had taken place in very similar settings. And learning which is which might just keep you up at night.

Given such a set up, I can hardly be expected not to elaborate on one of my all-time favorite horror themes. Is evil all just a matter of prospect?

Thank you so much for joining Mihail and Abe once again, and I honestly hope you enjoy your return to Castle Vaduva.

Buried is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Buried by Sara Clancy

Keeping it spooky,

Sara Clancy and Team Scare Street





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