An Unspeakable Horror Nesting within Castle Walls…

When asked to explain why I wanted to write this story, I had a hard time thinking of a response beyond, “It’s a haunted castle!” squealed with far more glee than dignity. Even as I wrote that last sentence, I was bouncing in my seat. There was just something so beautifully creepy about a building constructed for the sole purpose of keeping those with violent intentions at bay. And something amazingly gothic about the characters learning that the threat is already inside.  

Hidden rooms, dark secrets, hallways within walls, and ghosts running amuck? It’s the horror writer’s equivalent of junk food. Something that I just can’t resist and will gorge myself on given the opportunity. And gorge I did.  

The setting was perfect for two characters that had been in my mind for a while. Abe; a medium that can feel and touch ghosts as if they are living people and has to deal with being the only outlet for their frustrations. And Mihail; someone who has never once been tested by adversity being tossed into a situation he is in no way prepared for. You may have guessed by now that I’m a little evil and like to mess with fictional people. 

Nesting is a labor of love. A thank you to all those classics that made me first fall in love with horror. And hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too.  

Nesting is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Nesting by Sara Clancy

Keeping it spooky,

Sara Clancy and Team Scare Street

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