An Ancient Machine That Promises Immortality…for a Price

Few, if any of us, want to admit that death is the end – that we simply cease to exist. But many of us are uncertain about what comes next. Might it be Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Valhalla – or something less imaginable?

Thomas Edison, arguably America’s greatest ever inventor, talked about creating a machine to contact the dead. He was one of many clever people who, frustrated with the vagueness of Spiritualism, wanted to settle the issue by scientific means.

It seems logical — if you’ve got a weird mind like mine — to ponder what might happen if someone had built such a machine around that time.

From that, everything else follows naturally. Ghost Machine is a supernatural fiction based on ideas that have preoccupied our species since we took to walking on our hind legs and grunting the latest gossip in actual words.

Enjoy your time with the Angry Dead.

Ghost Machine is available for purchase from Amazon today!

See you in the Shadows,

David Longhorn

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