Always Knock Before You Enter

I’ve always imagined an author’s mind to be like a great, expansive vestibule with hundreds of closed doors lined side by side as well as in rows above each other.

Every door leads to a story. And if you’re lucky enough to step into one of those rooms, you’re bound to find yourself in one hell of an adventure.

Sometimes, though, we get greedy. We want to know what’s happening in every room.

So we take the smallest of peeks.

And that peek… that’s what short stories are to me.

It’s as if someone had left a dozen doors slightly ajar, allowing you to take a quick look at what’s going on inside without being too overwhelmed by the crazy. They give us a taste of everything, but not too much that we become gluttonous.

I’ve known the authors in this collection for years, and I’ve probably opened a dozen of their ‘doors’, if you will.

Each miniature novel is a magnificent journey.

Some are like roller coasters, some like a freaky gondola ride down the dark canals of Venice, while others leave a chill inside me that’s going to take a while to shake off.

There are still some doors left ajar.

Would you like to peek into them with me?

Terror in the Shadows Vol. 6 is now available on Amazon.

Check out the previous volumes in this collection:

See you in the shadows,

A. I. Nasser

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