A Terror from Beyond Lurks Within a Shadowy English Town…

‘What if…?’ A lot of stories start that way.

What if those innocent children aren’t children at all? What if they are in fact strange creatures that know your innermost hopes and fears?

In Nightmare Spawn, the Interlopers find a new place to thrive, and to take advantage of various human frailties.

I’ve always been fascinated by monsters that exploit human weakness rather than just being, well, monstrous.

In this case, it’s the way society treats its less fortunate members, especially children, that gives the Interlopers their opportunity.

And that’s besides Denny Purcell, who has a problem of her own in the form of a slug-like friend who is very attached to her.

All in all, it’s a weird kind of story, as befits a tale of beings from beyond our world, looking to make a home here. Pity we human beings are in the way…

Nightmare Spawn is available for purchase on Amazon today!

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn

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