A Sadistic Killer’s Blade Longs to Taste Fresh Blood

I am, as you know, fascinated by military history. The horror and fear of men and women being fed into the great, grinding maw of war thrills me. Curiosity about the weapons employed in war travels hand in hand with my studies.

Recently, I was getting ready to mail a bayonet to one of my friends. It was a weapon I had, at one time, been extremely interested in. The bayonet’s nickname is, the butcher’s bayonet.

There’s an official name for this particular bayonet. A strong, German name, but that’s not what’s important here. What is important is the weapon. It is nearly two feet long with a serrated back. The bayonet is a brutal, terrible instrument of war and it mesmerized me.

I thought about how frightening it would be to face such a weapon, then to take one in combat and to carry it home from the fields of war in Europe all the way back to the crooked streets of New England. What if it broke something in the mind of the man who brought it home? What if it twisted the broken part until he was hardly recognizable as a man anymore?

These thoughts occupied me, and when I held the butcher’s bayonet in my hand, I could feel the weight of horror and fear it laid upon my heart. I imagined the dual terrors of killing someone with the bayonet, and of being killed by the same.

I hope you feel the fear, too. In the same breath, I hope you never see this ghost with his blade.

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See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley

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