A New Night Takes You Deeper Into the Dark Realm

Fear is exhausting.

I’m sitting in my chair, mentally drained from this Night Terrors collection.

I know I skipped ahead again, and I should have waited.

I think we’ve established that I don’t like to wait.

Although, in hindsight, I should have. I won’t be sleeping well tonight.

There are too many monsters in this volume. Too many beasts, human and inhuman, eagerly waiting for me to go to bed.

I may not go to bed. I might sleep in my chair for a while. I am relatively certain that there are no monsters in the shadows of my chair, although that may not be true.

There may be dozens of them.

This is what the gathered stories have done to me. They have compounded my fear, and I know they’ll do the same for you.

These stories will linger in your thoughts, nestle deep, and fester like an open wound. You, like me, will be puttering around your home, going about your business, and not worrying at all. Then, the stories will creep up on you.

They will remind you of their existence in subtle ways. You will hear a creak from the hallway, perhaps the rattle of a doorknob. There might be a barely audible whisper, one that catches your ear and causes you to freeze, terrified.

And you’ll be right to be afraid.

So, come on, let’s go on another trip into darkness.

It’s where we like to be, after all.

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