A Little Bit of Pretty Can Hide a Whole Lot of Horror…

There’s a building in my hometown where businesses go to die. It seemed like every possible kind of store occupied the bottom floor while the apartment on the second level was perpetually empty.  

Rumors spreadas they often do among teenagersand I was told that the original owner had committed suicide in the apartment. No business has survived more than a few months there ever since. 

What struck me the most wasn’t the prospect of having a haunted house so conveniently located. It was that the property is very attractive. It doesn’t seem like it should behaunted or not. 

Each time I pass that building, I wonder: how many other horrible things hide behind lovely exteriors? 

This volume is full of stories of the unfortunate few who were misled by peaceful illusions. A desperate man’s last hope puts him at the mercy of the unknown. A realtor’s life hangs on her ability to make a final sale. A visit to her grandparents lures a teen into the depths of sorrow, loss, and those that carry it. And the final night of a couple’s vacation has them camping with some unique company. 

Enjoy the scares but always remember: don’t peek behind the facade unless you’re ready to see what might be lurking in the shadows. 

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See you in the shadows, 

Sara Clancy

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