A Knife Flashes in the Dark, on a Brutal Hunt for Flesh and Blood…

Tell me, how are you feeling?

About Victor and Tom, Ariana and Ivan, and of course, Anne Le Morte.

Have you become attached to any of them?

You probably shouldn’t.

We’re getting deeper into their story now, and it is their story. Not ours. And it certainly isn’t mine. They spin their own tale, moving along the lines that destiny has picked for them, and it definitely won’t end well.

Maybe not now, in this book.

Maybe not even in the next.

But it’s there, lurking in the darkness, that terrible creature called Fate.

We’ve seen what happens to others that we come to admire and adore.

Look at Tom. Robbed of his childhood and made an orphan. True, he has Iris. But will she be taken from him, too? Or he from her?

And then there is Stefan. A foul beast in the guise of a man. He has no love for himself, let alone anyone else, and he’s growing desperate.

Come on in, let’s see what’s been written, and we’ll all hope for the best together.

Knife in the dark is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Knife in the Dark by Ron RipleyKeeping it spooky,

Ron Ripley






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