A Deadly Homecoming Awaits Shane Ryan…

How are you holding up?

Are you worried about Shane, or are you confident that he’s going to make it through unscathed?

This is what’s keeping me up at night, what’s making me fret as I sit and write this letter to you.

Oh, I’m not worried about Shane dying. He’s far too stubborn for that.

Shane’s the type of person who’ll meet Death head-on, a Lucky Strike in his mouth and defiance in his eyes.

You know this as well as I do.

But you see, I’ve been walking through Shane’s neighborhood, his stomping ground, so to speak.

I’ve driven up to Nashua, parked my car at Holman Stadium, and made my way up to Berkley Street. I’ve walked along the sidewalk, the homes lining the street beautiful and well-kept.

I’ve made my way back down to Edgewood Cemetery, and it is there where I have gathered my thoughts about our mutual friend.

Among the shadows and the headstones, the tall obelisks, and the engraved marble plinths—there, beside the Anderson Chapel and down by the mausoleum, this story has been whispered to me.

The rest of Shane’s story.

And I’m bothered by what’s about to happen.

It won’t be the end of him, of course. Only Shane will decide that.

Shane Ryan makes his own fate, and not even I can shape his future.

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